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  1. Where can I buy Biogena products?

    You can buy our products online at Our first Biogena store in the United States will be opened soon in Los Angeles, California.

  2. Where are Biogena products manufactured?

    The majority of our Biogena products are manufactured in our Austrian facility, the rest in Germany and Switzerland. Whenever possible, we use raw materials that are organically grown and produced. Our quality-tested raw materials come only from the most reputable international suppliers.

  3. Do I need supplements if I eat a balanced and healthy diet?

    A balanced and healthy diet should supply us with nearly all the micronutrients, vitamins, and minerals we need. However, some people, such as athletes, young people in growth phases, pregnant women, or aging individuals, have a greater need for micronutrients. Additionally, some people cannot eat certain foods because of intolerances, or they may choose not to eat certain foods (for example, vegetarians or vegans), so supplementation with micronutrients can be beneficial.

  4. How can a micronutrient deficiency be detected?

    Fatigue, lack of concentration, and brittle or dull hair are often the first signs of a vitamin deficiency. An increased susceptibility to infections and constantly feeling cold when it’s not should also ring alarm bells. A visit to your doctor should clear things up. A reliable method of testing for micronutrient deficiency is through blood analysis from whole blood.

  5. Where does Biogena source the raw materials from?

    We use only top-quality raw materials for Biogena products. Manufacturing high-quality products from raw materials of mediocre or dubious quality would be impossible. We choose our ingredients according to quality, purity, sustainability, and scientific research. Our ingredients are sourced from certified suppliers located all over the world. Biogena preparations that contain branded raw materials will typically have the logo of the branded raw materials on the label.

  6. What should I be aware of when buying supplements?

    When you choose supplements, buy only products from reputable manufacturers. This will give you the confidence of knowing that your product is manufactured according to the highest standards and made from raw materials that are safely and sustainably produced. Top-quality products are free of dyes and additives and will be well-tolerated.

  7. Is it possible to overdose on supplements?

    For many vitamins, it is not possible to overdose because the body naturally excretes what it does not use. There is, however, a group of fat-soluble vitamins (vitamins A, D, E, K) that are an exception to this rule. For these supplements, you must follow the recommended dosage. Responsible manufacturers will provide comprehensive advice and information on their products to minimizes the risk of overdose. If you are uncertain, do consult your healthcare provider before taking.

  8. I have trouble swallowing capsules. Is it safe to open them up?

    Biogena capsules are not designed to be opened and directly ingested in this way. If possible, try to swallow the capsule whole without breaking it. If you have trouble swallowing the capsule, you can pull the two halves of the capsule apart and stir the contents into a small glass of water, still mineral water, or herbal tea. Once mixed with a liquid, it should be consumed immediately.
    Since black tea, colas, sodas, and fruit juices can inhibit the absorption of the active ingredient in the body, they are not suitable for mixing.

    However, it is not possible to open all Biogena capsules. Enzyme preparations should never be opened, nor should the probiotics. In the case of iron-containing preparations, opening the capsule is not recommended as it can lead to discoloration of the teeth.

  9. What do I need to know when taking iron supplements?
    The following applies to all iron preparations:
    • Never take with milk or dairy products
    • Avoid taking them with black or green tea because these can bind the iron and impair its absorption
    • Orange juice can increase iron absorption because of the Vitamin C it contains

    To avoid complications when taking food supplements, the recommended dosage should be followed as closely as possible.

  10. What does “vegan” and “vegetarian” mean for Biogena?

    Biogena defines products as “vegan” or “suitable for vegans” if they do not contain any raw material of animal origin and no ingredients of animal origin were used in its production. The synthesis of micronutrients by bacteria or yeast cannot be excluded by this designation.

    Biogena defines products as “vegetarian” or “suitable for vegetarians” if they meet the definition of “vegan” but may contain products from living animals (milk, poultry eggs, bee honey, or sheep’s wool fat) or ingredients derived from these animal products.

  11. How do I attain the best results with lactobacteria?

    Biogena offers lactobacteria in capsules (Superior Probiotic Blend 10 Caps). To attain the best results with living bacteria, different recommendations for intake should be observed for powder and capsule products.

    In the case of the capsule product Superior Probiotic Blend 10, we use cellulose capsules (DRcaps®) that dissolve only when they reach the intestine, protecting the bacteria from the acidic, germicidal pH-value in the stomach. Ideally, Superior Probiotic Blend 10 Caps should be taken on an empty stomach with water at room temperature.

  12. What is meant by “before a meal”, what with “independently of meals”?

    We use the following specifications on our labels, package inserts, and product information:

    • On an empty stomach: Take the capsule 30 to 60 minutes before a meal or two hours after a meal.
    • Before a meal: Take the capsule approximately 30 minutes before a meal.
    • With a meal: Take the capsule when eating, with food.
    • After a meal: This specification is imprecise and can mean different times. In most package inserts, there are precise time specifications according to the specific product. For example, the insert might say “take one hour after a meal.”