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More Health and Well-Being for All People Is Our Passion and Our Mission

Dr. Albert Schmidbauer founded Biogena in 2006. Since that time, the company has been growing and evolving at a steady pace. In this interview, Dr. Schmidbauer talks about why he founded Biogena, the importance of its employees, and what the 361° health company is all about.

What was your motivation in founding Biogena?

I think I have a pioneering gene. On the one hand, I am someone who likes to move and design, and I passionately enjoy creating things. On the other hand, I have recognized that health is one of the most critical investments in our future. It is simply a really good feeling to work every day towards the most important thing in life – for our health, our greatest asset.

What’s so special about Biogena and Biogena products?

Biogena develops products strictly according to scientific criteria. There is no Biogena supplement without a scientific basis to back it up. Additionally, we produce our supplements with the world’s best raw materials according to the pure substance principle. This means that our products contain only active ingredients and no unnecessary additives. They are manufactured in a semiautomatic factory in Austria. This is why our products work so well and are so well-tolerated. At Biogena, we see ourselves as an innovative health company – more health and well-being for everyone – this is our passion and our mission.

“From the very beginning, Biogena’s employees were the decisive factor in its success.”


What role do employees play in the Biogena success story?

From the very beginning, Biogena’s employees have been a decisive factor in the company’s success. Every single employee contributes an essential part of the equation, without which, nothing would be able to function. Accordingly, we give great importance to the development of human potential and further training, which is very well received by our employees. We are considered one of the best employers in Austria and have been for several years now.

“We want to make Biogena one of the important international players in the field of 'good health & well-being.'”


You call Biogena a 361° health company. What does that mean?

At Biogena, we take a very broad and comprehensive approach to the topic of health. Our prevention centers offer health services, the Biogena Akademie provides education and training, our Biogena stores deliver quality experiences, our Miracon Science—that’s our own research company—offers scientific research, and we produce and develop the raw materials ourselves. We are also fanatics for quality and are 100 percent focused on sustainability and the environment. So, you could say we have a 360° agenda. In being a 361° health company, the one degree more stands for the extra mile that we at Biogena are always ready to go.

What are Biogena’s plans for the future?

We want to make Biogena an international leader in the field of “good health and wellbeing.” Incidentally, this is the United Nations’ third sustainable development goal. We want everyone in the world to be able to live without constraints, in good health, and full of energy to do the things they love. We would like to create hundreds of Biogena places, where people can access personal health and development products and services. The goal is for Biogena to be synonymous with “Good Health for Me” worldwide. 

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