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In the beginning was the intestine. From a developmental point of view, the human organism evolved from the digestive tract. As the oldest system of organs, our digestive system is also the basis of our health and well-being. One essential part of keeping your gut feeling good is a sufficient supply of the right micronutrients. The intestine’s role is to absorb vital nutrients, not just for the rest of the body, but for itself as well. Feeding your gut the right nutrients is important for intestinal health. But what does our gut need to be happy? Read up on our top five nutrients for a naturally healthy gut.
For a long time, the intestine was dismissed as a mere digestive tube. But now researchers are dedicating themselves to this eight-metre-long organ. Located at the body’s core, the “intestinal brain” extends to influence both our emotional world and our thinking. The relationship between the metabolism of the microbiome (intestinal flora) and the psyche is certainly one of the most fascinating topics in microbiome research. In recent years, increasing evidence has shown that mental illnesses are associated with altered intestinal flora. This has now been confirmed by a study on individuals suffering depression published in the Nature Microbiology Journal in 2019.
“Youth has no age,” Pablo Picasso once said. ? To successfully combat the effects of aging, you need to follow a balanced diet with plenty of vitamins minerals and trace elements. There are, however, certain situations or phases of life, in which case it can be beneficial to supplement with micronutrients. ? Watch Dr. Kleine-Gunk (considered a guru of anti-aging in Germany) explain this in the following "Biogena 60 seconds of knowledge" video.
The acid-base balance is essential for regulatory capacity. It continuously maintains the perfect balance between acids and bases, thereby ensuring that all metabolic processes can take place under ideal pH conditions. But sometimes the control system can be challenged. According to a recent study, intensive endurance sports can temporarily disrupt the perfect balance and cause metabolic stress.
The New Year has begun – a time for reflection and reorientation. Who doesn’t want to regain harmony with their inner flow and find themselves? Our soul strives for this inner harmony, which gives us peace and strength and helps us to endure life’s many challenges. We are also constantly striving for balance and harmony at the physical level. Not only at the turn of the year but also every second of every day. The acid-base balance is a prime example of this.
All you need to know about supplements and micronutrients: Biogena is more than the sum of its parts. Sound specialist knowledge, responsible action, and the will to achieve uncompromising quality are the cornerstones of our mission to enable all people worldwide to enjoy better health. The Biogena preparations and their various applications form the basis for this.
New Year’s Day! The old year is over but the new one not yet created. Psychologically speaking, letting go can make us completely happy – but it can also make us fearful. On the physiological level, by contrast, unwanted substances are continually released and excreted in every single cell, making it the most natural thing in the world.

Big Ben has rung in the New Year. Nevertheless, the feasting of the festive season and the excessive consumption of alcohol on New Year's Eve are still fresh in people’s minds – and thus the desire to just leave behind the physical legacies of the past year. But the question is, how?
The summer months, and therefore the holiday season, are over. What is the main thing we associate with holidays? Relaxing, unwinding, sleeping in, and gathering new strength to return to our everyday life with renewed energy.
If you would like to find out more about the Rainbow Diet, tune in for webinars by Dr. Deanna Minich. In each episode, she will break down one of the 7 systems of health in detail. To get up to speed watch her talk about why supplementing can be beneficial for chronic disease risk as well as for a healthy lifestyle.
When nature gently rests and the animals hibernate, the need for reflection, peace, and contemplation awakens in us. All we want to do is hide away in our own “dens” and recharge – but there is usually no time for that, especially now in the weeks before Christmas. Selected micronutrients can be ideal during this time – they sooth the soul and simply do you good.
As we all know, life without sun is impossible. We need it to produce the all-important vitamin D, which is therefore often referred to as the “sun vitamin”. Vitamin D is necessary for many processes in the body. Unfortunately, due to our 21st-century lifestyle, vitamin D synthesis has become difficult for large parts of the population.
The USA is a “nation of prosperity and plenty”. Most Americans can count on an abundant food supply. However, studies regularly show that insufficient vitamin and mineral intake in the USA is more common than we thought. Despite the overabundance of food, poor food options negatively impact nutrition and can lead to insufficient consumption of certain micronutrients . The large-scale NHANES study highlights the discrepancy between deficiency and plenty.
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