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5 Tips for Working from Home

  1. Create a dedicated workplace. The new reality has brought new challenges. If you’re switching from an office to working from home, you need to establish a new working environment and a certain level of structure to work productively. Ideally, you should use a specific room in your home as your home office. If you can’t designate a whole room, try to use a specific area in your house or apartment. Make sure you only work here and nowhere else – otherwise your whole home will feel like a workplace.
  2. Mind your posture. Whether you’re working on the sofa, at the dining table or in bed – 8 hours a day hunched over a laptop is very hard on your body. Soon, many of us will be obliged to work from home most, if not all of the time. So it makes sense to create an ergonomic workplace. Important points:
    - Position your keyboard and mouse at 90 degrees. Both computer peripherals should be positioned correctly at elbow height.
    - Position your monitor at eye level. Your screen should be at least one arm’s length away and positioned so you don’t have to move your head up or down to look at it.
    - Position your feet properly. You should be able to rest your feet flat on the floor.
    You can use various workarounds (e.g. piles of books) to get your screen, mouse and table at the right height, but you should definitely consider investing in an adjustable office chair with a pre-formed back.
  3. Set a fixed end to your workday. When working from home, try to stick to fixed working hours as much as possible. Otherwise, you risk becoming mired in one task after another, constantly delaying the end of your workday. Of course, you can work longer hours for the occasional big deadline, but you shouldn’t allow it to become a habit.
  4. Have a ritual. To stay productive and avoid getting “bogged down” when working from home, you should clearly separate your work and leisure life. Regular, mindful rituals help with this. For example, tidy your pajamas or sweatpants away before starting work and throw on some "normal clothes" instead. It also makes sense to turn your lunch break into a ritual. It’s a good idea to actively leave your workplace so you can clear your head, relax, and enjoy your well-earned break consciously and in peace.
  5. Rest your eyes. When you spend all day in front of a screen barely looking left or right, your eyes are doing a lot of work. This can result in soreness, itching and feelings of dryness. The best approach is prevention: Take a conscious choice to look out of the window – first at the cross in the window frame, then into the distance. Shut your eyes and move them around while keeping them closed; blink, and take proper breaks where you leave your workplace (ideally outdoors). Fresh air and sufficient hydration are also a boon for your eyes – and good for your concentration.

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