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Why Support Our Immune System?

So why exactly should we support our immune system?

We are often unaware of the "services" our immune system performs daily. In addition to defending against viruses, bacteria, and foreign substances, it fulfils other essential tasks such as regulating the body's bacterial flora.

Especially in the intestine, intestinal bacteria in the form of intestinal flora play an important role, because a healthy intestinal flora means a good immune system.

Our immune system also supports wound healing. It kills intruding viruses and bacteria, assists in the reconstruction of injured tissue, and stimulates healing.

Our immune system is continuously hard at work.

If our defense system is overstrained, it can lead to stress symptoms that can have serious consequences for our health. A functioning immune system immediately fends off intruders that could harm our body without us noticing anything.

For effective immune defense, the body's protective system is actively supported by various vital substances. This is where we can lend our immune system a helping hand: 

Vitamin C and the trace element zinc are among the proven immune classics - but many others such as vitamin D, A, selenium and iron can support us in keeping immunity strong.**

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