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In the past, in a time without creams and jars, beauty was based on home remedies and naturalness. Even today, the old beauty tips usually work wonders. How can we support our natural beauty, and what are the roles of minerals and vitamins? We have practical tips for beautiful skin, strong hair, and strong nails.
Sirtuins are what we like to call the “MacGyvers” of enzymes. They help organisms to streamline their metabolism so that they can withstand adverse conditions. But what does this enzyme family actually have to do with our internal energy supply? And how can we activate these enzymes? We’ll explain all of this and more.
The Rainbow Diet is an approach designed by internationally recognized nutritionist and health expert, Dr. Deanna Minich. The diet is a holistic guide that helps us understand the physical and energetic properties of foods through their colors. Watch her talk about this fascinating topic in detail.
Dr. Albert Schmidbauer founded Biogena in 2006. Since that time, the company has been growing and evolving at a steady pace. In this interview, Dr. Schmidbauer talks about why he founded Biogena, the importance of its employees, and what the 361° health company is all about.
Most people do not concern themselves with the topic of strong, healthy bones until the second half of their lives. Specifically when a bone density measurement shows that there is already excessive bone loss. In the worst case, they may already have osteoporosis. Now is the time to act. We have compiled some tips on how to maintain your bone density – for a lifetime.