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One of our esteemed scientific researchers at Biogena, Dr. Ina Viehban, was part of a research group that set out to measure and document the concrete effects of magnesium and its impact on a person's health and well-being. Through this study, it was discovered that people with an above-average supply of magnesium performed better in all areas of testing, than those who didn't. Read the full article here.
In the search for the “food of the future”, there has been an increasing focus on the benefits of algae. These survivors from a prehistoric age have been used as a food source by humans for a very long time. They are still popular food staples in present-day Japan, where their unique combination of nutrients plays an important role in people’s diets. An overview study published in May 2019 explores the topic of microalgae on the basis of the latest data and underscores their potential as high-quality sources of nutrients.