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New Year’s Day! The old year is over but the new one not yet created. Psychologically speaking, letting go can make us completely happy – but it can also make us fearful. On the physiological level, by contrast, unwanted substances are continually released and excreted in every single cell, making it the most natural thing in the world.

Big Ben has rung in the New Year. Nevertheless, the feasting of the festive season and the excessive consumption of alcohol on New Year's Eve are still fresh in people’s minds – and thus the desire to just leave behind the physical legacies of the past year. But the question is, how?
The summer months, and therefore the holiday season, are over. What is the main thing we associate with holidays? Relaxing, unwinding, sleeping in, and gathering new strength to return to our everyday life with renewed energy.
If you would like to find out more about the Rainbow Diet, tune in for webinars by Dr. Deanna Minich. In each episode, she will break down one of the 7 systems of health in detail. To get up to speed watch her talk about why supplementing can be beneficial for chronic disease risk as well as for a healthy lifestyle.
When nature gently rests and the animals hibernate, the need for reflection, peace, and contemplation awakens in us. All we want to do is hide away in our own “dens” and recharge – but there is usually no time for that, especially now in the weeks before Christmas. Selected micronutrients can be ideal during this time – they sooth the soul and simply do you good.