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“Youth has no age,” Pablo Picasso once said. ? To successfully combat the effects of aging, you need to follow a balanced diet with plenty of vitamins minerals and trace elements. There are, however, certain situations or phases of life, in which case it can be beneficial to supplement with micronutrients. ? Watch Dr. Kleine-Gunk (considered a guru of anti-aging in Germany) explain this in the following "Biogena 60 seconds of knowledge" video.**
The acid-base balance is essential for regulatory capacity. It continuously maintains the perfect balance between acids and bases, thereby ensuring that all metabolic processes can take place under ideal pH conditions. But sometimes the control system can be challenged. According to a recent study, intensive endurance sports can temporarily disrupt the perfect balance and cause metabolic stress.
The New Year has begun – a time for reflection and reorientation. Who doesn’t want to regain harmony with their inner flow and find themselves? Our soul strives for this inner harmony, which gives us peace and strength and helps us to endure life’s many challenges. We are also constantly striving for balance and harmony at the physical level. Not only at the turn of the year but also every second of every day. The acid-base balance is a prime example of this.
All you need to know about supplements and micronutrients: Biogena is more than the sum of its parts. Sound specialist knowledge, responsible action, and the will to achieve uncompromising quality are the cornerstones of our mission to enable all people worldwide to enjoy better health. The Biogena preparations and their various applications form the basis for this.