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The summer months, and therefore the holiday season, are over. What is the main thing we associate with holidays? Relaxing, unwinding, sleeping in, and gathering new strength to return to our everyday life with renewed energy.
If you would like to find out more about the Rainbow Diet, tune in for webinars by Dr. Deanna Minich. In each episode, she will break down one of the 7 systems of health in detail. To get up to speed watch her talk about why supplementing can be beneficial for chronic disease risk as well as for a healthy lifestyle.
When nature gently rests and the animals hibernate, the need for reflection, peace, and contemplation awakens in us. All we want to do is hide away in our own “dens” and recharge – but there is usually no time for that, especially now in the weeks before Christmas. Selected micronutrients can be ideal during this time – they sooth the soul and simply do you good.
As we all know, life without sun is impossible. We need it to produce the all-important vitamin D, which is therefore often referred to as the “sun vitamin”. Vitamin D is necessary for many processes in the body. Unfortunately, due to our 21st-century lifestyle, vitamin D synthesis has become difficult for large parts of the population.
The USA is a “nation of prosperity and plenty”. Most Americans can count on an abundant food supply. However, studies regularly show that insufficient vitamin and mineral intake in the USA is more common than we thought. Despite the overabundance of food, poor food options negatively impact nutrition and can lead to insufficient consumption of certain micronutrients . The large-scale NHANES study highlights the discrepancy between deficiency and plenty.
100,000 heartbeats in a day, 3 billion heartbeats in a single lifetime. Without this pumping action of the heart, the cells in our bodies would not be supplied with vital nutrients and oxygen. This might seem like the perfect system, but it still needs a little push from the outside and that is why we have included eight tips for you on how to get your cardiovascular system up and running. Read more here!
One of our esteemed scientific researchers at Biogena, Dr. Ina Viehban, was part of a research group that set out to measure and document the concrete effects of magnesium and its impact on a person's health and well-being. Through this study, it was discovered that people with an above-average supply of magnesium performed better in all areas of testing, than those who didn't. Read the full article here.
In the search for the “food of the future”, there has been an increasing focus on the benefits of algae. These survivors from a prehistoric age have been used as a food source by humans for a very long time. They are still popular food staples in present-day Japan, where their unique combination of nutrients plays an important role in people’s diets. An overview study published in May 2019 explores the topic of microalgae on the basis of the latest data and underscores their potential as high-quality sources of nutrients.
In the words of Scandinavian naturalist Carl Linnaeus (1707-1778), “Nature reveals its greatest miracles in the smallest of things”. These wise words are as relevant today as they were then. The immeasurable wealth of nature is revealed each and every day in an impressive display of abundance. All we have to do is open our eyes to the priceless gifts of nature, just as our ancestors have done for thousands of years. People around the world have always explored and studied their natural environments in order to be able to use selected wild plants, such as herbs, berries, and mushrooms, specifically for their own purposes. We too are fascinated by the repertoire offered by Mother Nature and would like to introduce you to our “11 natural born heroes”.
At Biogena, we are happy to assume holistic responsibility for our environment and endeavor to make an important ecological contribution to the future fitness of our planet. This is why we support the “Biogena Forest” project of the Plant-for-the-Planet children and youth initiative, which has already planted 15 billion trees in 193 countries. Trees perform various tasks for our climate: they clean the air, cool the earth, and are easily propagated CO2 reservoirs.
In the past, in a time without creams and jars, beauty was based on home remedies and naturalness. Even today, the old beauty tips usually work wonders. How can we support our natural beauty, and what are the roles of minerals and vitamins? We have practical tips for beautiful skin, strong hair, and strong nails.
Sirtuins are what we like to call the “MacGyvers” of enzymes. They help organisms to streamline their metabolism so that they can withstand adverse conditions. But what does this enzyme family actually have to do with our internal energy supply? And how can we activate these enzymes? We’ll explain all of this and more.
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