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Vitamin D as Immune Support**

As the days get shorter, a challenging season for our immune system arrives at the door. The sun becomes weaker, and our vitamin D production also decreases significantly - according to studies, this is one of the reasons why our immune system needs some additional backing in the colder months of the year. That's why so many swear by vitamin D for immune support.**

Studies have increasingly shown that that taking vitamin D can help boost the immune system. Vitamin D therefore not only play an imperative role in bone health, cardiovascular and mental health but is essential to keep the immune system in balance.** 

Our body's immune system is a pervasive and sensitive network that is distributed throughout the entire organism. It has a two-part structure: the innate (unspecific) and the acquired (specific) immune system. The innate immune defense can render the majority of pathogens harmless within a few hours. The acquired immune defense, on the other hand, develops only through direct contact with certain pathogens. (which produces a slower response but is highly specialized, e.g. responsible for the production of antibodies). Vitamin D seems to play a role for both systems which explains why this hormone has such a wide effect on the immune system.**

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