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New overview study: microalgae – sources of high-quality nutrients**

In the search for the “food of the future”, there has been an increasing focus on the benefits of algae. These survivors from a prehistoric age have been used as a food source by humans for a very long time. They are still popular food staples in present-day Japan, where their unique combination of nutrients plays an important role in people’s diets. An overview study published in May 2019 explores the topic of microalgae on the basis of the latest data and underscores their potential as high-quality sources of nutrients.**

A team of researchers led by Dr. Ines Barkia took a closer look at several types of microalgae, including the well-known genera Chlorella and Spirulina, and documented their nutritional value: microalgae contain a highly beneficial spectrum of biochemical compounds, including high-grade protein, polyunsaturated fatty acids, dietary fibers, essential vitamins and minerals, and valuable phytonutrients. According to researchers, these primordial plants could become the food of the future. For while the human population is steadily growing, there has been no corresponding increase in the amount of arable land for years. Not even the latest cultivation methods can increase the yield indefinitely. Algae, on the other hand, grow in water and can be cultivated vertically as well as horizontally. They need only a fraction of the water required to grow land crops (let alone livestock), hardly any fertilizers, and no pesticides whatsoever.

However, the researchers point out that algae products also involve a certain risk: they filter out not just the beneficial substances from the water they grow in but also certain harmful substances such as heavy metals.

Algae? Yes, please. But only the best quality.

We want to be absolutely sure that our supplements contain only the very best algae, which is why we have also familiarized ourselves with the algae production process. Only premium algae produced by the Austrian company ecoduna® are used in our algae supplements “Spirulina 400” and “Chlorella Pur C plus”. The top-quality algae are grown in a closed system of glass and stainless steel tubes under optimum conditions. Ultra-pure Austrian tap water, sunlight, and selected nutrients are all that is needed to cultivate extremely pure premium algae all year round – while at the same time preserving resources and protecting the environment to the greatest possible extent.**

**These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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