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Micronutrients Supplements from Austria

Biogena is an Austrian family business with headquarter in Salzburg. Biogena develops, produces, and markets high-quality dietary supplements based on the pure substance principle that are “made in Austria”.

Biogena – the knowledge and research company

Biogena has a large scientific team, which is concerned with the development of new products and concepts, the preparation and transmission of scientific information, as well as quality assurance and ingredient search. Nutritionists, pharmacists, biologists and physicians work side by side with over 9,000 Biogena partner physicians and therapists, raw material manufacturers, diagnostics experts and universities to convert the latest scientific findings into meaningful and highly effective products.

Uncompromising quality

Biogena supplements consist of the desired active ingredients, the pure herbal capsule shells and plant-based cellulose. Absolutely nothing else. A full declaration of all ingredients is a matter of course for us. Every single batch is subjected to the strictest quality tests of the German LEFO Institute for Food and Environment. We rely on specialists. Thanks to our careful semiautomatic manufacture in our own production plant near Salzburg, we are able to produce extremely well-tolerated supplements with the best bioavailability.

Advice from micronutrient experts: Biogena Stores

Our Biogena stores are also about imparting knowledge – trained micronutrient experts with extensive product knowledge are available for consultation. This means that every customer interested in receiving in-formation about Biogena supplements and their areas of application can receive appropriate advice. Our first Biogena store location in the U.S. will be opened soon in Los Angeles, California.

Our commitment

Our CSR (corporate social responsibility) oriented corporate management encompasses modern working environments, family compatibility, a pronounced customer orientation with the highest quality standards, a distinctive environmental commitment, social responsibility, and fair operating and business practices.

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