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Naturally Beautiful Through Vitamins and Minerals**

In the past, in a time without creams and jars, beauty was based on home remedies and naturalness. Even today, the old beauty tips usually work wonders. How can we support our natural beauty, and what are the roles of minerals and vitamins? We have practical tips for beautiful skin, strong hair, and strong nails.**

Radiant skin as the most beautiful accessory

Pure, fresh skin and a radiant complexion are the epitome of natural beauty. Nevertheless, for many people, facial skin is an issue. As a boundary layer between the inside of the body and the outside world, our skin is exposed to influences from both sides. Above all, oxidative stress and the increased occurrence of highly reactive oxygen molecules, which destroy other compounds and healthy cells, cause problems. These develop in the body during metabolic processes, are triggered by nicotine or environmental toxins, or formed by UV radiation. These processes become noticeable on the skin’s surface through premature skin ageing. Intensive sunbathing and excessive visits to solariums should therefore be avoided. To prevent the skin from being affected by free radicals, it is essential to ensure a sufficient supply of antioxidants because they bind the free radicals in the body and thus render them harmless.

A targeted support with vital substances can help maintain the vitality of the skin for as long as possible and care for it from the inside. Certain nutrients can do that particularly well. Water-soluble vitamin C, for example, supports the body’s own collagen formation and contributes to the protection of the cells against oxidative stress. Vitamin B12 plays a role in normal protein and glycogen metabolism and supports hormonal regulation. Biotin contributes to the preservation of normal skin functions. Vitamin E also helps to protect the cells from oxidative stress.**

Clear the way for strong and healthy hair

It’s only an appendage, but it’s hard to imagine life with- out it; our hair has been with us since our earliest childhood. We identify ourselves with our hair and want to keep it. It is an expression of our personality and individuality. Dull, weak or thinning hair can lower our self­confidence. In keeping with the motto “You are what you eat”, hair health and quality largely depend on the nutrient supply of the hair follicle. Nutrients enter the hair papilla via small blood vessels. This is responsible for the formation of the new hair cells that are particularly active in hair division. A nutrient-rich diet is therefore the basis for vital hair.

Vitamin H, also known as biotin, plays an important role in maintaining our hair fullness. Foods such as eggs, soy beans, spinach, and mushrooms provide a high proportion of the vitamin.

The micronutrient zinc is an all-rounder when it comes to beauty and the structure of the hair. It is also essential for the preservation of skin and nails. Zinc is found in particularly large quantities in oat flakes, legumes, and nuts and should be integrated into our daily diet as often as possible.

The amino acid L-cystine consists of two molecules of L-cysteine and occurs in high concentrations in keratin, which is a main component of the hair and responsible for its firmness. The vitamin pantothenic acid contributes to the normal synthesis and metabolism of steroid hormones, vitamin D, and some neurotransmitters. A tip from Granny: The extra shine comes from rinsing with natural apple vinegar. With numerous vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin C, vitamin E, iron, and beta-carotene, it is superior to chemicals.**

Your nails say everything about you

Nails also need regular care, especially from the inside out. Many nail polishes contain softeners, such as triphenylphosphate, which is suspected of affecting our hormonal system. But the real culprit for weak nails, however, is and remains nail polish remover, which extracts moisture from the nail and can thus make it brittle. The micronutrients zinc and selenium can make a particularly valuable contribution to preserving nails and should be consumed in sufficient quantities.

If the nails are already suffering from the frequent use of nail polish, an old household remedy from our grandmother’s times can help us: Instead of constantly revarnishing our nails, they can be naturally lightened by soaking them in fresh lemon juice, which is rich in vitamin C. Afterwards, cold pressed olive oil will protect both cuticles and hands. The vitamin E in olive oil helps protect skin cells from oxidative stress. The oil also makes the skin supple.**

**These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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