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Five lifestyle tips for taking care of your mental well-being

Right now, people are facing tremendous challenges. Our circumstances over the past year have propelled us into unchartered territory and pushed us to edge of our mental resilience. The first step we can take to improve our nerves and mental health is acceptance. The more we struggle, mentally and internally, against the circumstances, the less strength we will have for other purposes. So to avoid falling into a slump, it is a good idea to set a few ground rules for yourself:

1. Spend time in the sunshine

Whether in the garden, on the balcony or at the window, everyone who possibly can should take the opportunity to soak up some rays of sunshine. Everyone knows that light and warmth are good for the spirit. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths: restore your strength. Exposure to sunlight enables the body to produce Vitamin D, which is important for many physical processes. Among other things, it strengthens the immune system and improves the preservation of bones and teeth.

2. Keep active 

Your body requires movement, and this is why we should make a point of exercising, even when we feel low. qi-gong or gymnastics exercises? There are plenty of cool new aerobic activities out there that you can do without even having to leave your home! video tutorials and training programs are abundant, especially because of the digital shift occurrence during corona quarantine measures. Remember to take calm, regular, deep breaths throughout so as to avoid injury (it’s best if you don't have to visit the doctor just now).

3. Caring for your body: Time for me

Do yourself a favor. Take every opportunity you can get to treat yourself. Caring for your body also means looking after your soul. Sufficient selfcare is one of the most important keys to mental well-being. Why not try something new to spoil yourself? In spring, a drawing oil treatment  is a great option.

4. Accept your feelings

In tense and trying times, fear and anger can come to the fore ... but these are only emotions that come and go. Our own emotions weigh us down less when we accept them and let them go. Micronutrients can help us along this journey and support the nerves and mental health.

5. Communicate and take breaks

Unfortunately, our smartphones have sort of become part of our anatomy. We recommend scheduling regular break times – a digital detox – in the course of your day. If you take a break from your mobile phone, computer and TV and use that time to try something you haven’t done for a long time, then you will have more to talk about the next time you make contact. Try some craft projects, read an old favorite book, do some painting or try a new recipe. Unplug and unwind!


Mental strength can come in handy when life throws you lemons, so it’s important to always keep on building your resiliency. 


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