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When it comes to nutritional care, there is no way around this specific water-soluble vitamin. But what exactly makes biotin so important? Read more!
These days it’s incredibly important to make sure your immune system is fit and ready! We’ve gathered some vital health, lifestyle and micronutrient tips to support you in the doing the best you can for your body’s natural shield.
With the following tips and the right micronutrients, you’ll be well prepared for the cold season ahead.
As we all know, life without sun is impossible. We need it to produce the all-important vitamin D, which is therefore often referred to as the “sun vitamin”. Vitamin D is necessary for many processes in the body. Unfortunately, due to our 21st-century lifestyle, vitamin D synthesis has become difficult for large parts of the population.
Parents often battle with their children's pickiness when it comes to food. Nutrition, in turn, is such an essential part of supporting a child's immune system. Read here to find what our 10 top tips for parents are when boosting and supporting their children's immune system.
Is veganism just a trend, or does it truly offer a revolution in the way we nourish our bodies? What are the health benefits? Are there any nutritional challenges that come with it? In this article, we shed light on the myths about veganism, providing you with key facts about micronutrients in a plant-based diet. We’ll clarify which nutrients must be considered and discuss why the "Premium Quality Principle" matters.
Our intestines tell us a lot about our well-being. Nearly everyone has experienced problems of the gastro-intestinal tract at some time or other, like feelings of irritation, listlessness, sluggishness, loss of appetite, or nausea. Most of the time, these feelings are explained away as being linked to certain foods. This may be perfectly accurate in some cases. But what role does the mind play? While the psychological factor is frequently overlooked, there is nonetheless a direct, reciprocal connection between the intestines and the mind.
These helpful hints will help to keep you in the best possible frame of mind when dealing with increased pressure from a hectic lifestyle.
It’s March. Nature is reawakening. Budding leaves and flowers as well as the first warming rays of sunshine herald the long-awaited spring. Not only the natural world is returning to life – we humans are also responding to rising temperatures and increased daylight with a renewed thirst for action. Our motivation is at its peak, and the spirit is willing. It’s the perfect time to take advantage of this increased motivation and get moving after spending many a winter’s day indoors. Anything goes – if you’re having fun. However, you should always have a place in your sports bag for the proper micronutrients, which can be useful tools for your workout.
People who exercise get more out of life. Beyond making us feel happier, an active lifestyle does wonders for the body and soul. To develop a real passion for a sport and stay on the ball over the long term, you need to know the sport that’s best for you. After all, your ideal sport also depends on your personality. But what type of athlete are you? And which micronutrients could support you in your sports sessions?
Deficiency, even in food abundance

Even when food is plentiful and easily available, there are some minerals and trace elements that are considered “shortfall nutrients.” With some of these minerals, such as calcium, it often takes years before a deficiency becomes noticeable. With others, such as iron or magnesium, a deficiency can be recognized relatively quickly by specific symptoms. It’s important to correctly interpret these signs so you can then consult a doctor to help you determine whether you have a deficiency and take action if needed.
Stress is such an omnipresent topic in our day to day lives, yet what is the scientific definition behind stress? After decades of research on the subject, we now know that stress results in the release of hormones, such as cortisol and adrenaline, leading to other complex undesired reactions in our bodies.
The French know how to produce great wine and fabulous cheese - France is also the origin of another unique nutritive treasure: Pycnogenol. But what exactly makes this natural pine bark extract so very special? And why is a Pycnogenol supplement an incredibly heart-healthy strategy?**
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